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Industrial Physical Security Solutions

Critical infrastructures and industrial sites like factories, warehouses, and manufacturing sites present opportunities for thieves and trespassers with their valuable materials and goods. DataVox is here to help you protect your assets and ensure that your facility and property are secure from intruders with our industrial physical security solutions. Our access control, security cameras and intrusion detection systems can help increase productivity, share information across multiple devices and help manage sites.

Access Control

Complete access control solutions that protect physical assets and manage access to doors, vaults, server rooms and parking facilities. You always know and can verify who is accessing your facility and when and have reports on cardholder activity when you need them.

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Security Cameras

With easy-to-install security cameras from our leading manufacturers, you can secure and monitor your facility’s perimeter and stay ahead of security breaches and theft with built-in alarms that alert you of suspicious activity.

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License Plate Recognition

Monitor and control incoming and outgoing vehicles from your facility. With license plate recognition system technology you have the license plate number, images of vehicles and recorded videos in your hands in case of emergency, theft or other incidents.

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Intrusion Detection

Monitor, track and be alerted of any suspicious activity in or around your facility to ensure the safety and protection of your visitors, employees and assets.