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Retail Physical Security Solutions

Reduce shrinkage costs, protect your customers and employees, and monitor retail space with our security solutions

A good retail physical security system can save a lot of money in an industry where the risk for theft and fraud are high. An effective system can provide more than security by helping retailers reduce costs through point-of-sale verification measures. At DataVox, we don’t just provide a secure environment for customers and staff, the solutions we provide also:

  • Prevent losses from shoplifting, theft and cashier fraud
  • Gain a faster return on investment thanks to reduced losses and increased efficiency
  • Improve store layouts, staff planning and result of in-store advertising
  • Improve your bottom line and increase topline sales
  • Efficient access control and visitor identification.
  • Monitor queue time for cash register efficiency and customer
  • Detect vehicles parked in loading docks
  • Analyze traffic patterns in parking lots and garages
  • Detect camera blocking, tampering, or out of service cameras
Retail Physical Security

Access Control

Complete access control solutions that protect physical assets and manage access to networks, doors, gates, and parking facilities.

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Security Cameras

With easy-to-install security cameras from our leading manufacturers, you can secure and develop your business.

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Video Management

The security specialists at DataVox can help you make the most of your Video Surveillance system with an industry-leading video management software solution.

Retail Physical Security

Cloud Security Management

Multiple retailers use Cloud Security Management solutions to achieve more efficient and effective management derived from on-demand deployment, superior multi-site integration and management, and instant system alerts, such as for offline cameras.