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Enterprise-level MPLS / WAN solutions for your domestic business needs

Private networking and security for your business

The security of your data is crucial. With MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching), you create a highly secure network. MPLS is a standards-based technology used to prioritize the delivery of network packets creating a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

MPLS VPNs partition one customer’s traffic from another’s to keep it private across the infrastructure. The partitioning is created using special MPLS tags rather than encryption.

Using MPLS VPN service, you can connect multiple locations and users on a single private IP network. It’s also different from other VPN solutions because it lets you prioritize different traffic types, giving you low latency (data delay) and a superior end-user experience.

Our SD-WAN service transforms your network and gives you greater control. Use the internet to securely connect your headquarters, branch offices and data centers to public cloud applications. Centralize policy management and deploy sites faster with virtualized equipment. Steer traffic by application and freely leverage multiple access types.


  • Faster response times and better application performance
  • Highly secure data networking
  • A high degree of control over your network
  • Outstanding network performance, reliability, and consistency
Alpheus Communications
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