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DataVox has partnered with LiveAction to provide you with network management solutions in order to simplify and help you gain a better understanding of your infrastructure through monitoring, analyzing, and configuring your network. With solutions like Application Management, WAN Management, and Security, LiveAction has every aspect of your network security in mind.LiveAction - Simplifying the Network - See. Point. Click. Fix.

Browse DataVox and LiveAction Solutions:

Application Management

LiveAction - Network Troubleshooting Software Dashboard screenshot
Application Performance and Troubleshooting

With LiveNX you have the ability to leverage high-quality network visibility and actively respond and monitor for path control and application performance optimization.

  • Real-time monitoring and alerts
  • Topology maps
  • Search and filter capabilities through historical and current data
  • Network discovery
  • Access control

LiveAction Application Management

WAN Management

WAN Management
WAN Bandwidth Management

Measure bandwidth usage in order to determine how to effectively manage usage so that there is room for growth.

  • Improved bandwidth usage
  • Cost savings
  • Improved application performance
  • Capacity management
LiveAction capacity planning
Capacity Planning and Performance Baselining
  • Assessment of current capacity usage
  • Network performance tests
  • Out-of-bandwidth avoidance


LiveAction screenshot

Minimize and identify attacks through your network and be able to alleviate threats efficiently and quickly with LiveAction’s Cybersecurity.

  • Real-time traffic visibility and control
  • Detect and identify offenders
  • Remediate malicious traffic