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HPE Nimble Storage

HPE Nimble Data Storage is transforming the storage market with its flash-optimized, hybrid storage solutions.  Leading a new generation of data storage hardware and software products, Nimble’s Adaptive Flash platform accelerates applications, protects data, and empowers IT.  Combining primary and backup storage systems into a single solution, HPE Nimble Storage arrays simplify mission-critical networks while providing significantly improved performance and capacity, seamless scalability, integrated data protection and peak system health and availability.

Solutions from DataVox and HPE Nimble Storage

Nimble Storage

Accelerate performance and optimize capacity. Bringing simplicity to mission-critical networks with HPE Nimble Storage and DataVox.

HPE Nimble Storage arrays efficiently store and serve up data fast enough to satisfy even the most demanding applications, from Microsoft SQL Server to VDI. Using flash SSDs to dynamically cache hot data to accelerate reads and leveraging a write-optimized data layout to speed up data written to storage, Nimble delivers more IOPS than traditional storage at proven sub-millisecond latencies (measured across Nimble’s installed base).

HPE Nimble Storage easily scales to fit IT and business needs, enabling customers to boost performance, capacity, or both flexibility and non-disruptively for full investment protection. Customers can scale up performance with more compute power for higher throughput and IOPS and with more cache to accommodate more active data.

Demanding environments can even linearly scale both performance and capacity beyond the physical limitations of a single array, and out to a cluster using any combination of Nimble Storage CS-Series arrays, preserving storage investments and avoiding forklift upgrades.

Flash Arrays

The HPE Nimble Storage Secondary Flash Array represents a new type of data storage optimized for both Capacity and Performance. It adds high-performance flash storage to a capacity-optimized storage architecture for a unique backup platform that lets you put your backup data to work.

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Cloud Volumes

Multicloud Storage

With cloud solutions, enterprises are able to experience business agility, strong security, a flexible infrastructure, and easier information management. With the growing demand for more traditional applications in the cloud comes with higher demands on the cloud storage, specifically concerning reliability/data loss.