License Plate Recognition

DataVox can help you protect your facility by taking note of intruders with an advanced License Plate Recognition system (LPR). Develop a trustworthy LPR system to manage the flow of vehicles and track vehicles of interest.

DataVox will take you beyond the most basic license plate searches and alerts. The products and services we have to build your consummate license plate recognition system will give you the tools to capture accurate license plate recognition data that empowers your team to increase awareness and improve patrol efficiency.


Whether you need a fixed license plate recognition technology, an LRP that can be deployed quickly, or mobile license plate recognition system, our experienced team is ready to boost your security.

License Plate Recognition Technology Solutions

Cloud Management

License Plate Recognition Technology

By utilizing cloud technology, you have the ability to use a wide range of applications to track specific vehicles where all your data is stored in the cloud. Our cloud-based interfaces allow you to access your security system from anywhere to capture live and accurate information.

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License Plate Recognition Cameras

LPR Systems

License plate recognition cameras are designed to automatically capture information of passing and still vehicles regardless of speed, weather, and other conditions. This data is recorded in an entire database to alert the operator of any suspicious activity.

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