Access Control

Whether your organization is commercial, residential, or government, access control technology solutions are paramount for maintaining security and efficiency in your operation.


Not all access control systems are one-size-fits-all. Having true access control is one of the most reliable ways to protect your business, employees, property, and secure company information. At DataVox, we customize a tailored security plan and provide the right combination of cutting-edge technology to make your facility as welcoming as possible while safeguarding what matters most.


Electrified Hardware

Access Control System

Access control begins with door hardware. Used for security and safety, electrified hardware boosts your facility’s security as an added defense to access control. At DataVox we have a wide range of lockset models available that provide maximum protection and universal compatibility.

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License Plate Recognition

Access Control Technology

License plate recognition makes access control easy by managing daily operational activities and locating vehicles of interest for law enforcement. Regardless of the scenario, trust DataVox to provide the latest solutions you can count on.

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Mobile Credentials

Access Controls

Utilizing mobile phones as an extra layer of security to any organization signifies a new era in access control technology. With your smart phone or mobile device in hand, you can now enter secured areas of your building easier than ever without compromising security.

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People Counting

Access Control Solution

Leverage the ability to measure building density. Utilize DataVox people counting solutions to track the number of employees and visitors in your physical workplace.
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Access Control Readers

Access Control Technology

Access Control is continually evolving. DataVox’s Access Control Systems offer a number of different card and badge readers each with a unique function. We provide a full-line of readers ranging from proximity, bar code, biometric and more.

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Biometric Reader

Access Control Systems

Biometric security access control leverages a person’s physical uniqueness to gain access into a secured space. Unlike keys, smart cards or PIN numbers, biometric access control systems are considered to be one of the most secured authentication systems in today’s market.

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Visitor Management

Access Control Technology

Secure your premises with an enterprise security system for your check-in process. Through our partners, DataVox provides visitor management systems to protect your people and property with extra layers of security right from the start.

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Storage & Management

Security servers and storage units are not only a crucial part of any business, but also a fundamental part of any video surveillance plan. With the immense amount of data filtered through servers, security storage units are necessary to provide data backup and reliable protection for your company no matter the size.




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