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Video Surveillance

Whether you manage one location or multiple facilities, an effective video surveillance system is a crucial component of an all-inclusive security strategy. With decades of experience in diverse industries, DataVox knows how to design and install a system that’s right for your unique needs.

From the latest security camera hardware and dynamic mobile technology that you can access on the go to cloud storage backups and new analytics, DataVox can build and integrate the right solution for any environment.


And it’s not just safety and deterrence. Our professionals can help you monitor productivity, reduce liability, limit shrinkage and theft, and keep abreast of inventory.

Mobility & Access

Video Surveillance Technology

Take control of your business from anywhere by putting the power of security at your fingertips. We make it easy for you to view, playback, and control surveillance cameras to keep a watchful eye on your property even when you are not physically present.

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Security Cameras

Video Surveillance Solutions

We know it’s hard to keep an eye on everything that’s going on regarding your facility. At DataVox, we understand that a true security camera system not only provides you the ability to check in on the flow of your organization, but it also serves as a deterrent from potential intruders.

Multi-lens camera





License plate recognition camera



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Video Analytics

Video Surveillance platforms

DataVox offers the widest and most deployed range of intelligent video analytics platforms available today. Our powerful solutions deliver actionable, tailored, and trusted results to empower you with accurate data at a lower cost than traditional security personnel.

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Video Management

Video Surveillance Systems

Build your surveillance system on a solid foundation with a Video Management solution from DataVox. We offer state-of-the-art video management systems from the best in today’s market that deliver scalable and secure video data for our customers.
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Storage & Management

Security servers and storage units are not only a crucial part of any business, but also a fundamental part of any video surveillance plan. With the immense amount of data filtered through servers, security storage units are necessary to provide data backup and reliable protection for your company no matter the size.




Technology Design process

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